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The Safe Haven


A physical creative space with programming and mentorship for adolescents is in development in the heart of Namibia. It will serve as a safe haven for at risk, homeless and orphaned children to come and engage in science, sports, literature, theatre and the arts from ages 10 - 18.


Namibia was revealed to have the fourth highest suicide rate in Africa and studies released by the Ministry of Health and Social Services revealed depression to be the leading cause. As a native of Namibia we find it necessary to be a part of the solution. Creating opportunities and environments that expose a child born into poverty, addiction and social oppression is sometimes all they need to shift their perspective and change their life trajectory.


With this objective in mind We Heart Our Lives will recruit and enroll a number of students ages 10-18 to live on an after school boarding campus, called WHOL.


The campus will be equipped with computers and tech accessories to inspire innovation and coding education, a modern library with reading clubs giving them access to the best authors and minds around the world. As well as state of the art facilities like a performance theatre, broadcast nook, a skateboard ramp, a swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts to build and develop their interpersonal and vocational skills. The facility will serve as a safe haven to explore and refine their creativity.

The campus will host volunteers from around the world for a three month period who will serve as mentors and cultural exposure for the kids. With year round programming Whol will redefine the way we look at after school programs and summer camps.