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To combat the epidemic we face, we have to acknowledge it and not pretend that it doesn’t exist.

We Heart Our Lives is an online community established to empower those suffering by focusing on emotional, mental and spiritual health.


The community is divided into two content categories: 




A talk show format featuring dialogues between our host and brave guests. Discussing topics that range from overcoming extraordinary circumstances, struggles with depression and suicidality, to loved ones who’ve lost someone or seeking understanding and everything in between.


The show exists to shed light on how loved ones can be of support and how creating a community of support amongst each other can provide reprieve.




A Community based content platform which hosts personal stories and journeys shared by individuals. Providing visitors access to on-demand relatable stories on mental health and suicide along with their varied perspectives.

We Heart Our Lives exists to free individuals from the stigma associated around mental health and suicide, to stop isolation, and in turn educate loved ones on how to be supportive through open and honest conversations.  

Our five  baseline questions to guide each conversation are:



Were/Are the feelings that drove you to your lowest point?



Were you the one affected by suicide or mental health? 



What was the decision that put you on a path of healing? 



What were you able to accomplish and become after making the decision to begin your healing journey?



How do you cope today?

We dig into one definitive intention, the ministry of staying the course and thriving.

Ready to be a contributing member and be a part of the cause?

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